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How To Obtain Visa Approval Letter To Vietnam

Applying for a Visa on arrival (VOA) letter of approval on-line is very easy at “”. They accept all major credit cards and with some you can pay through PayPal for Vietnam Visa Fees.
How To Obtain Visa Approval Letter To Vietnam
How To Obtain Visa Approval Letter To Vietnam

On Our web site ( or by email you will be asked for the following information:
1.  Your full name (it is required to be the same as shown on your passport)
2.  Gender
3.  Present nationality
4.  Date of birth
5.  Passport number
6.  Passport issue day
7.  Passport expiry date
8.  Proposed date of arrival (this is the date you want your visa to start from. The start date of the visa itself will be the day you arrive - you may enter Vietnam at a later date (up to your exit date) but not before that date, so be sure to take time zone differences into account)
9.  Airport of arrival
10. Purpose of visit
11. Type of Vietnam visa: 1 or 3-month single/multiple entry visa
If you have children travelling with you and they have their own passports, you will be required to apply and pay the same fees as if they were an adult.

After entering the information online or following confirmation by email you will be directed to a secure web site to pay the agency fee. In two days (Fast Track 02-08 working hours), We will email you the Visa approval letter
Don't be alarmed if there are other people's names on the letter (it is common for agents to make bulk applications for up to 30 persons and all applicants' names are printed on one letter, consisting of one or more pages), together with their nationalities, dates of birth and passport numbers, but if you are concerned about privacy or security you should instead consider applying to an embassy/consulate for your visa.
Please make sure that your surname, given names and entry/exit dates are correct. If you have applied for a multiple entry visa be sure that the approval letter states 'Is permitted to enter and exit Vietnam multiple times'. 

You will not be allowed to enter Vietnam before the entry date shown.The Visa approval letter is valid at any of the three named airports but cannot be used at any land border crossing. If entering via a land crossing you must already be in possession of a valid visa. However do note that if you obtained your visa with a multiple-entry approval letter, you only need to enter via airport for the 1st time in which you got your visa stampped; you could go any way you like for subsequent visits.

Print the entire Visa approval letter (colour preferred but not essential) and don't forget to take it with you! Some airlines will ask to see the letter before they allow you to check in or board the aircraft and you will need it at the VOA desk when you arrive at the airport in Vietnam.

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